Paper 2 of JAIIB is Accounting and Finance for Bankers

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Paper 2 of JAIIB is Accounting and Finance for Bankers

Previous Year JAIIB Question Papers

JAIIB Exam Details in short (common to all 3 papers)

Duration               :  2 Hours

Marks                   :  100 Marks
No.Of Questions   :  120 (there will be 1/2 marks, 1 mark, 2 marks questions)

As we said in our earlier post Introduction to JAIIB by IIBF This Paper is Most toughest (just joke not that much Tough) of All the JAIIB papers.

For Updated syllabus Module wise priority please Goto here


Let us discuss about this paper in overview.
This paper has 4 Modules (Module A, Module B, Module C, Module D) as usually.

Module - A (25-30 marks)*
Basics of Business Mathematics (This Module has 6 Topics)

This is Easiest module among 3 modules as it is calculative part as the Name suggests. I will say how much important it is, There is ABM subject (1st paper) in CAIIB. That subjects basic points are given here as basics in this Module A.
In this module you must read BASEL II - an overview because this is most important in our banking life and as well as in upcoming exam CAIIB (in one subject There is full module on this topic).
Some simple topics are,

Calculating Interest (Simple, Compound, EMIs, NPVs),
Basel II Accord Overview,
Calculating of YTM (there is easy formula to calculate this. we will discuss later)
Depreciation (Straight line method, Decling Balance method, Double Decling Balance method)
Foreign Exchange Arithmetic (so many people thinks it is diffcult, but if you study this basics you will also get good marks in ABM paper in CAIIB)

Module - B (25-30 marks)*
Principles of Bookkeeping  (This Module has 3 Topics)

This is the most important and most useful topics in our daily banking routines(duties) as it contains what is book keeping and accountancy.

What is Bookkeeping and its standards (known Accounting Standards)

it has 3 topics

    In 1st one there is basics of book keeping and its standards. There are 29 Accounting Standards You must be Familiar with this to complete this module B.
   In 2nd one there are accounting concepts at Recording stage and at Reporting stage in each one (there are 6 points to read)

   In 3rd one there are topics like, what is journal, ledger, petty cash, Head Cashier ledger..........etc (easy to study)

So it is the most important module in this Paper as title says accounting and bookkeeping to get good marks in this paper and also to get good knowledge in Banking Industry. 

Module - C (30-35 marks)*
Special Accounts (This Module has 12 Topics)

 As the title of this module suggests Special accounts it is the most priority module that you can give after Module A.

   In This is module all topics are very interesting and makes you curious to learn topics and easy to study.

some easiest topics are, 

Bank Reconciliation Statement,
Bills of Exchange,
Depreciation accounting (this would be like continuation to Depreciation topic in Module A.)
Consignment account,
Leasing Hire purchase,
Ratio Analysis,
Joint venture,
Accounts of Non trading organizations...........etc

Module - D (20-25 marks)*
Final Accounts (This module has 6 Topics)

In this Module there are some simple easy topics, those are 

Balance sheet Equation,
Partnership Accounts (very very important of this module),
and Final Accounts..............etc.

How to Study:-

  We will guide you in preparing for JAIIB and make you to simply crack the JAIIB in one attempt.
Now here we are giving Priority wise study points to easily complete this paper.

Priority 1:  Module A

Priority 2:  Module C
Priority 3:  Module B
Priority 4:  Module D

          Here  we have given Priority 1 as  Module A why because if you study and complete this module as it is fully calculative (also easy) part you will get confidence over the subject and paper.

 Next Priority 2 as Module C why because this module has most Important topics as explained in Module C above.

 Next Priority 3 as Module B because it has core topics of this paper and there are less topics (only 3) and  important after Module A, Module C.

 Last But not least Priority 4 as Module D In this module you must read Partnership Accounts and Balance sheet Equation as these topics are the heart of this module.

* Marks may vary according to Examiners mood.

And Guidance will Continuessssss....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Previous year JAIIB Question Papers 

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