What is (are) JAIIB / CAIIB ?

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What is (are) JAIIB / CAIIB ?

Before Thinking about it, You should be a member (in the sense of employee) or employee of Financial institutions (Private/Public sector).
The Main reason to people to talk about this JAIIB / CAIIB exams are to get increments in their salary (It's a Fact) and one more reason is its their prestige issue :).

Now Lets come to our point.
These are certification examinations conducted by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking & Finance).
These exams will be conducted every year twice.
JAIIB/CAIIB in the months of  MAY/JUNE (every year) and NOV/DEC (every year).

But Before you go for these exams you should satisfy 2 conditions
1. you should be employee of the Financial Insittution.
2. you should be member of IIBF.

For JAIIB you will get 1 increment (common to clerical/officers)
For CAIIB you will get 2 increments (for clerical 2 increments/ officers get 1 increment) 
So you are very tempted with this ooffer right, then why to waste time know about it.
(we will guide you how to study and get prepared for those exams in upcoming days).

Lets start with Step 1:- Registration with IIBF (membership)
To become member of IIBF you need to get registed in IIBF's website. Presently as per 2016 data
a)  Membership is open to the employees of recognized banking establishments both in the nationalized as well as private sector including the Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, other Financial Institutions, both Central and State Co-operative Banks and any other institutions in India who are Institutional Members of the Institute as may be approved by the Council from time to time.
Enrolment Fee:
One time life Membership fee (for candidates in India) is Rs. 1718/- (Fees Rs.1500/- + Service Tax@14.5% Rs.218/- = Rs.1718/-)
Pre-requisites for online enrolment for Membership:
I - Applicant should have scanned copy of his/her i) photograph ii) signature and iii) id proof (ensuring that all are within the required specifications as under) 
a.     Images format should be in JPG 8bit and size should be minimum 8KB and maximum 20KB.
b.     Image Dimension of Photograph should be 100(Width) * 120(Height) Pixel only;
c.     Image Dimension of Signature should be 140(Width) * 60(Height) Pixel only.
d.     Image Dimension of ID Proof should be 400(Width) * 420(Height) Pixel only. ID Proof should contain Name, Photo, Date of Birth and Signature. Size should be minimum 8KB and maximum 25KB.
e.     ID proof can be any one of the following:
o    Aadhaar ID
o    Driving License
o    Election Voters card
o    Employers card
o    PAN card
o    Passport
II - To make online payment, an applicant should keep ready the necessary details about his/her Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking Details) 
III - Applicant should have a valid personal e-mail id.
Note: Do not upload your Credit Card/Debit Card scanned image with the application.
Procedure for Enrolment:
      i.        Visit Institute's web site www.iibf.org.in
     ii.        Click on 'online membership registration'.
    iii.        Read 'Instruction to applicants' carefully.
    iv.        Fill up all the online application form,(all the fields mark '*' are mandatory), upload photo, signature, ID proff and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.
     v.        On successful completion of enrolment a confirmation SMS/email will be sent to the candidate intimating the membership number(membership number is your login id), password.
    vi.        In case, even after 2/3 working days after enrolment no confirmation is received intimating the membership details, applicant should take up the matter with the Institute. (write to onlineservices@iibf.org.in providing following details: 1) Membership number 2) Full Name 3) Date of Birth 4) Payment transaction details 5) Mobile no. and details problem/exact text of error message etc..)
   vii.        For all failed transactions the amount is debited to applicant's Account, Institute will refund such amount within seven working days from the date of the transaction..
a.     A permanent I-card will be mailed to the applicant at the address given in the application.
b.     The permanent I-card should be produced at the time of examination and whenever demanded for availing other services.
c.     Enrolled members can view his/her profile/payment details using the login/password and also update his/her profile except for name, date of birth, photo, signature and ID proof.
d.     Enrolled member can also apply for all other services of the Institute with the same login and password as and when available.
e.     Any communication in regard to membership enrolment should sent to onlineservices@iibf.org.in


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