Banks Must direct customers to use Alternate Channels to get 5 days a week

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   Article on Five Days a Week for Bankers

Dear Friends,

       Bankers must direct customers to use Alternate Channels or 24x7x365 Channels to To develop new technology in the Banking Industry to compete with world class Banking this is the thought of the RBI. It also helps Bankers to get five days a week which in turn reflects a healthy banking and will also increase staff productivity too and a better customer satisfaction. It also helps banks in a way that they can get more profits as the staff requirement will be less if customers work will be done by Machines.

  Now a days one topic creating halchal like RBI is already ready to give 5 days week to let banks to provide The Best Alternate Channels Methods to their customers. So Friends its better to drive customers to alternate channels. Then bankers will get 5 days week. that is only the truth.

What are Alternate Channels (available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days in a year):

1. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) 

2. CDMs or Recyclers (Cash Deposit Machines)

3. Internet Banking

4. Mobile Banking (has largespace to get customer base now-a-days)

5. POS (with Point Of Sale you can Purchase or and withdraw money upto 1,000/- at merchant)

Some other products / channels also there like Tab Banking, Buddy....etc.

Benefits to Customers:

1. Customers Can do their transactions at any point of in a day.

2. Cutomers can do their transactions on their own

3. Most self satisfaction to customers.

4. as said earlier it is a 24 x 7 x 365 channel for customers.

5. Reduces frauds or getting involved in frauds as they do their transaction on their own (Educated)

Benefits to Bankers:

1. Reduces strain as customers are away from branches or from premises.

2. Increases productivity in the work

3. Health Benefits ( as you face many customers you will get irritated and then gets BP)

4. Less transactions in the branch premises

5. Can show / prove   their talents in their respective fields. 

Benefits to Banks:

1. Less transaction cost benefits banks to get more profits. As human banking (interacting customer) is more costlier than customer uses alternate channels.

2. As Customers are away from banks they can use employees for alternate products or alternate departments.

3. Less Staff requires (this will also reflects profits).

4. More number Businesses can include (example insurances, product sales...etc)

  So Dear Friends at least in Our upcoming Wage Settlement 11th Bipartite Settlement we should fight for Five Days a Week in Indian Banking Industry.

-- by Suresh Chandra 


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