How to Pass Bank Financial Management (BFM) paper of CAIIB Easily

How to Pass Bank Financial Management (BFM) paper of CAIIB Easily

Dear Friends,

So many of our Friends Facing the Problem of Passing Bank Financial Management (BFM) paper of CAIIB, which is paper 2 of CAIIB.  We can Say it as most Difficult of all papers in CAIIB.

With some tips and dedication you can easily pass this paper.
Mostly I can Say that You can easily clear this paper by taking all three papers at once. That means you should prefer for Average (Writing all exams in one attempt, because if you get  the marks like 60 in ABM, 45 in BFM, 45 in Elective paper). But if you are only left with BFM paper you have do some smart work than Hard work.


(Our Thumb Rule is Read Easy Modules first & practice bits at the end of each topic)

As our friends said, it is the toughest of all papers in CAIIB (don't  feel that much tough :) ). Take one week of good preparation for this subject (It would be good if you have started preparing from 1 month before). Try to get 1 week of leave for this paper to complete with 100% possibility to pass. Some of your friends will tell you that this is a toughest paper of all don’t trust it. It will be easy paper if you have good understanding of BASEL II and Basel III (now IIBF asking questions more on this BASEL III) topic (as we are very familiar with this topic from JAIIB onwards).  You will surely pass This Paper if you read in a good planned manner.

Priority wise study plan: 

Priority 1:  Module B (Read this module first because it is the heart of this module and related & continues to Module D also)

Priority 2:  Module D  (This is like continuation to Module B.So after Module B read This Module)

Priority 3:  Module C  (Though it is theory and different Module from other Modules  it is easy module)

Priority 4   :  Module  A (Contains Forex calculative part and complete this module at last. It is somewhat difficult as it is new topic to most of the Bankers)

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How to Pass Bank Financial Management (BFM) paper of CAIIB Easily


  1. Thank you so much Bankr9 for the strategy of Priority wise Study Plan. The suggested priority of modules was really helpful and enables absolute correlation and felicitates better understanding while moving from one module to another. I cracked it following the above strategy . Thank you Once again.

    1. Thanks to hear from You Uttam. Hope Success in your future endeavors. and you can help others too using our site by writing articles. plz reply to bankr9.com@gmail.com

  2. What to do for numericals and case studeis for caiib? Its not that much clear in mcmillan book. Where to refer? Can someone guide pls.

  3. Well Said, you have furnished the right information that will be useful to anyone at all time. Thanks for sharing your Ideas.
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  4. Thax for such guidance.
    I was left with BFM only and in Dec 2020 I cleared finally BFM and CAIIB EXAM AS WELL.