Advocate Janardhan Goud lodged a complaint against Pawan Kalyan’s tweet about National Anthem

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Advocate Janardhan Goud lodged a complaint against Pawan Kalyan’s tweet about National Anthem

Dear Friends,

 As we know already Primary Rights of Indian Citizens has been banned along with Old 500,1000  Rupee Notes, Now it also banned Freedom Right of an Individual by filing case against Tollywood Cine Actor Mr. Pawan kalyan.

Advocate Janardhan Goud lodged complaint against Pawan Kalyan’s tweet about National Anthem.
Mr. Janardhan Goud says that Mr. Pawan kalyan is making people anger through his tweets against Supreme Court Decision of Playing National Anthem in Movie Theaters, people should stand while it is playing.

If you see tweets of Mr. Pawan Kalyan, he just says that Movie theaters now turned lilke exam halls to show one's Patriotism.

It doesn't mean that he opposed Supreme court's Decision. He just want to say that It may not Compulsory to play Our national anthem in Theaters to show one's Patriotism but 
everyone should do their jobs or duties perfectly will reflects their patriotism. 

Even some people feels the decision is like "Praying God while going to a intercourse".

People are going to Theaters just for Entertainment and for relaxation not for any other cause.


Think a While before taking any decision from common man point of view.... 


Is the Demonetization Scheme is started really honestly.............?????????

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Dear Friends,

I have Some Questions Regarding Demonetization Scheme. If you have Understood about this scheme in full please answer (the questions asked below) using comment section below of this post....  Thanks in advance...

Firstly what is the main Reason for this Demonetization Scheme???

A. to stop Anti Terrorists Activities 

B. to stop Fake Currency in society

C. to curb Black money

D. to introduce new new currency into society

E. to encourage people to use Plastic Currency

among above statements A,B,c are said by Government at the starting state of this scheme

Now its time arriving for result (is that the scheme is a failure scheme) they says that above statements D,E.

if its useful for encouraging people to use Plastic currency then what is the emergency to compel the people to use alternate channels like Mobile wallets, Cards, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking....???  (all people will not learn it overnight)

Mainly Rural People will suffer a lot....

As already so many Debit cards has been hacked by hackers still those problems not solved. 

Question 1 :  Is The Demonetization Scheme is conducting really honestly....??

Question 2 :  Then how the Supporting Party MLAs / MPs Accepted this Scheme (Are they Really honest to accept this Scheme) ????.

Question 3 :  How Reliance JIO Data Services Started with lot of Free Services than other competitors didn't..!!!

Question 4 :  Is there no other way to distribute money (New Currency) except Banking and Post Offices.....??
(Can't they Exchanged before taking this Decision....??? any Guarantee...!!!????)

Question 5 :  How Many Politicians and Big-shots Deposited all their money into their Bank Accounts exactly what they have in 500 and 1000 Denominations..???

Question 6 :  Isn't it Possible to Extend  the Term for Mr. Raghuram Rajan as RBI Governor ....??()
(as he opposed some government Decisions)

Question 7 :  Is He (Raghuram Rajan) Really a fool as some swamijis, Media, Politicians said (Then The How the Government Appointed him to one of the Great positions in India as RBI Governor????)

Question 8 :  What is the Eligibility / need of Swamiji, who had blamed Ex-RBI Governor????

One News Paper of India had written like as follows at the time of Rajan criticized by swami 


"There is no denying the fact that Dr Raghuram Rajan is one of the finest brains when it comes to Economics. Applauded by some as one of the very few economists to warn about 2008 crisis much ahead of the time, he is widely respected and credited with sound understanding of complex macroeconomics issues."

This scheme is mainly useful to irritate a common man and a banker....



The Demonetization is useful scheme to find black money or only burden to Banks/Bankers / Common People.....????!!!

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The Demonetization is useful scheme to find black money or only burden to Banks/Bankers / Common People.....????!!!

Dear Friends,

Have a nice day to all.....! (as every day is a block  day to bankers since Demonitisation start date).

Some facts about this scheme till date.....

1. Only 130 Crores rupees found as black money by IT department since the Demonitisation scheme started.

2. Only general public and Bankers struggled so much than black money holders.

3. Out of 15.44 lach Crores already 13 lakh Crores already deposited in bank accounts by public. (i.e 84% money deposited in banks)

4. But still government is going for merger of banks.

5. What will happen if merger process completed?  Again the burden will be on public.
Banks in number reduces and it leads to monopoly and increases in charges for public
(i.e benefit to banks and burden to public)

And banks, staff  in number reduces as well as in Recruitment in Banks.

All Banking activities will be online only so no need of human. So Recruitment will be stopped in Banking industry.

As so many educated and talented are coming into banking.

If unions are still honest oppose merging process.

6. Banks still has insufficient staff  for its daily requirements.

7. Mainly as Sir Raghu ram rajan said that Banks are going into politicians / government hands.

8. He opposed some decisions from Government as he know what are the issues will public faces.

9. And lastly he let out in the RBI governor race and placed Urgith patel as RBI governor as nods his head for every decision from government.

10. Mainly SBI chairman Arundhati Battacharya term has extended to go merger process smoothly and outed Raghu ram rajan as he opposed some decisions proposed by government and he (Rajan) accused by some Swamijis, politicians, Media like a fool.
11. He is a real economist.
Say True or False......

Topic continues.......

Is AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu correct to accuse Bankers ?

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Is AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu correct to accuse Bankers ?

The Demonetisation may/maynot be nightmare for Black money holders but it would be sure nightmare for Bankers as they are facing too much crowd in banks as well as getting blamed by some Politicians like AP CM Chandrababu Naidu.

Let us see what are the Factors that raised this Situation to Bankers..........

Problems are mainly from government (central) side. 

Even bankers don't know the decision/situation will occur from govt.

They(Govt)didn't given suggestions /hints to support ATMs to dispense new RS  2000/500 notes before 8th Nov2016.

They(Govt) didn't even inform bank managements to acquire sufficient staff  and govt not even given any other departments to help Banking/bankers.

Not Even given sufficient new currency to banks till date (then how can banks manage all people needs of new currency to satisfy their needs?).

Still Bankers are managing the huge crowd with patience.

The reason behind that banks are giving less money per day per person is
  i.e though the weekly limit is RS 24000 but banks are giving 5000 or 10000 because of lack of new currency and that too to manage more people. (if a person takes RS 24000 in a day as it is a his weekly limit and around some 20 people come like this it will be around 4,80,000 or roughly 5 lakhs. if a bank branch has new currency of 5lakh if it gives like this it can satisfy only 20 persons needs only. if the person is given 5000 a day {still his weekly limit is 24,000}
it can satisfy nearly 100 members urgent needs. which is better serving for 20 or 100 ? which is more better for people?
that is the actual situation going on.....................till now

If you have heart then appreciate Banker if not then............... accuse.

Thank you