Urjit Patel Job is to protect RBI's Reputation , Not the Modi's Govt : Mihir Mishra

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Urjit Patel Job is to protect RBI's Reputation , Not the Modi's Govt : Mihir Mishra

Dear Friends,

Now a days our banking industry has been a part our Indian jokes just because of Demonetization.

We, Bankers mainly has given a great support to this Scheme.

Unfortunately The support has became waste of time.

It might be successful if its done faithfully. Even Single MLA, MP, Actors, Business man not found in Black money holders list but they found a common man and daily wager as a black money holder.

The IT department too somewhat misleaded.

Modi's Governments personal Decision became India's Great Independent Banking body RBI has been accused by so many critics and common man.

and Now Modi is trying RBI to make dependent on Government rather than existing Independent body by appointing BBB and an official on RBI Money supply.

Now Urjith Patel has became PA of Modi rather than RBI's Governor.

One Ex-RBI governor says that "I would have Resigned if I was in place of Urjith Patel."

In front of Parliament house committee Our Great RBI Governor Became Tongueless for some crucial questions.

( I will say one truth is, Just after declaration of Demonetization scheme, Modi says we have been printing 2000 rupee notes since last 6 months and Venkayyaa nayudu says to media that Modi has no Idea about printing 2000 rupee notes and one small school student questions the Government that If they are printing from last 6 months why there is Urjith Patel signature on 2000 , new 500 rupee notes as he just entered as RBI governor on 4th September 2016. its just before 3months before declaring Demonetization scheme. before that the Governor is Rajan. think of it.....????? )

If any government wants to start any scheme they should have in mind about farmers. They are food givers to our country. In the Demonetization time All farmers were disturbed and irritated by this scheme as it is not giving sufficient money to farm in this season.

if the prices rises with lack of food again burden will be on common man. Yes or No ?

So Let us Be Independent from Government Decisions ( Please think will it be good or bad for a common man)


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