CAIIB Introduction Rules and Syllabus 2017

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CAIIB Introduction Rules and Syllabus 2017

CAIIB Exam Details in short (common to all 3 papers)

Duration               :  2 Hours

Marks                   :  100 Marks
No.Of Questions   :  100  (there will be only 1 mark questions)

Candidates must have completed JAIIB (PART-1) By IIBF and their membership subscription should not be in arrears.

CAIIB Examination have 3 papers as in JAIIB. But in CAIIB there are 2 Compulsory papers and 1 objective papers (among 11 papers).

 Compulsory Papers  for CAIIB:

1. Advanced Bank Management

2. Bank Financial Management

Elective Papers  for CAIIB (Candidates have to choose any one of their Choice):

1. Corporate Banking                        7.   Human Resources Management
2. Rural Banking                              8.   Information Technology
3. International Banking                    9.   Risk Management
4. Retail Banking                             10.  Central Banking
5. Co-operative Banking                   11.  Treasury Management
6. Financial advising

Most of the persons will choose Retail Banking as it useful in regular banking practices.
Most easiest paper is Rural banking, If you are IT student you can go for Information Technology (you can also go with Retail banking for first time to complete CAIIB, After passing CAIIB you can complete IT paper as certification course, or even remaing papers you can complete)


First Block of 2 attempts `2,700/-  (+ Service Tax and + Swach Bharat Tax)
Second Block of 2 attempts `2,700/- (+ Service Tax and + Swach  Bharat Tax)


(i) In the CAIIB also pass marks are same as in JAIIB.

(ii) Candidate securing at least 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks
in all subjects of CAIIB examination in a single attempt will also be declared as having
passed CAIIB Examination.

 i.e, Minimum marks for pass in every subject - 45 out of 100 marks. and Average should be 50% of total 3 papers (for example if you get scores like 45 and 45 and 60 in one attempt you will be called as pass. if you get marks like  50, 55, 44  in single attempt then you  are not called as pass, in this case you passed only two papers but next time you have to get minimum 50 as you are attempting 2nd time)

(iii) Candidates will be allowed to retain credits for the subject/s they have passed in one attempt
till the expiry of the time limit for passing the examination as mentioned below.

TIME LIMIT FOR PASSING THE EXAMINATION  for CAIIB: is 2 years. If you not passed in 2 years (4 attempts), you have to re-enroll your self for CAIIB again by submitting fresh Examination Application Form. Such candidates will not be granted credit/s for subject/s passed, if any, earlier.

Download CAIIB 2017 Rules and Syllbus  Click Here

Click Here to See the July 2017 Time Table

And Guidance will Continuessssss....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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