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Banking News Dated 31st August 2018 | SBI warns of 'noticeable increase' in counterfeit notes detected in new Rs 500, Rs 2,000 notes

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Banking News: August 31, 2018

Banking News Dated 31st August 2018 | SBI warns of 'noticeable increase' in counterfeit  notes detected in new Rs 500, Rs 2,000 notes

SBI warns of 'noticeable increase' in counterfeit
notes detected in new Rs 500, Rs 2,000 notes

The International Business Times (IBTimes)
Published on August 30, 2018

There was a "noticeable increase" in the fake currencies detected in the denomination of the new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes which are up by 4,178 per cent and by 2,710 per cent respectively

Mumbai, August 30:  The State Bank of India (SBI) has said that the newly introduced notes can be counterfeited and the consumers and banks should brace themselves for more fake note discoveries. The report published by SBI has a divergent opinion with the RBI claims which said that the newly introduced notes of Rs 100, 500 and 2,000 have some additional security features and cannot be counterfeited.

In a report released after the RBI published its annual report, the in-house SBI economist said, "The promise of RBI that new currency notes of Rs 200 and Rs 500 (post demonetisation) are more secure and less prone to counterfeit is not entirely correct."


Monday (03-09-2018) Holiday for Bankers for KRISHNASHTAMI Festival

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Dear friends,
On 03-09-2018 will be declared as holiday for Krishnashtami.

UFBU Requested the State Govt for holiday


RBI Says 99.3% of Money Came back During Demonetization | Banking News Dated 30th August 2018

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Banking News: August 30, 2018


Almost all of demonetised currency  came back; 99.3% returned, says RBI

Almost all of demonetised currency
came back; 99.3% returned, says RBI

Abhijit Lele
The Business Standard
Published on August 30, 2018

The total value of SBNs returned to banks is
Rs 15.31 lakh crore, RBI said in its 2017-18 annual report

Mumbai, August 29: Reserve Bank of India has completed the task of processing and verification of the large value notes (Rs 500, Rs 1,000) which were withdrawn from circulation following their demonetisation in November 2016.

The total value of banned notes, which RBI refers to as Specified Bank Notes (SBNs), in circulation as on 8 November 2016, post verification and reconciliation, was Rs 15.41 lakh crore.


RBI 2017-18 Annual Report Published on 29th August 2018

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Dear Friends,

RBI has released its Annual Report on 29th August 2018 for the Financial year 2017-18

Please follow the below link to read the 268 Pages Report below

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Banking News Dated 29th August 2018

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Banking News: August 29, 2018

RBI deadline over,  20 new NPA accounts to go to NCLT

 RBI deadline over,
20 new NPA accounts to go to NCLT
 Gopika Gopakumar, Malvika Joshi
& Shayan Ghosh: The Mint
Published on August 29, 2018

Essar Power, Reliance Naval and Jindal India Thermal are among the 20 NPA accounts that banks will refer to NCLT for debt resolution under the insolvency and bankruptcy code


How to Self Motivate Yourself to Study and Pass/Crack JAIIB November 2018 & CAIIB December 2018 Exams ?

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Dear Friends,

We would like to motivate you to pass JAIIB & CAIIB from our side. Take it in a healthy manner please

How to Self Motivate your self to Study and Pass/Crack JAIIB & CAIIB Exam ?

Follow some of this tips (if you like it only) to Crack JAIIB Nov 2018/ CAIIB Dec 2018

We are going to discuss this in 3 parts here itself. Like below,

How to Self Motivate your self to Study and Pass/Crack JAIIB & CAIIB Exam ?

1. Right Now,
2. Todo (Daily),

3. Gift yourself when you achieve something.

In the first part, i.e, Right Now,

Prepare a time table for your Preparation. Prepare this time table as feasible to your timings only, Not like below example 

12AM to 4AM      (4 Hours)

 4AM to  9AM      (5 Hours)

 9AM to  5PM       (8 Hours)

Work (Duty)
 5PM to 12AM      (7 Hours)
Study again (JAIIB/CAIIB)

Do you want to prepare time table like above. Here, in the above time table you are sleeping about 4 hours only and duty about 8 hours and studying about  5 + 7 hours (i.e, 12 hours daily). Is it possible for you to study 12 hours by having 8 hours of Banking duty ?. Obviously not. Right??

·        So make a time table which is feasible according to your requirements.

·        So make a time table like below (Follow only if it is acceptable to you)

11PM to 7AM

 7AM to  9AM

 9AM to  5PM

Work (Duty)
 5PM to  8PM

Enjoy with your Friends & Family
 8PM to  10PM
Study again (JAIIB/CAIIB)

10PM to 11PM
 Dinner / Free time

Here, in the above Time table you are having only 2+2 hours of study. It may not be bother to you. If you want you may add more time by adjusting your other Todo's.

·        So you can attend all of your daily activities with 8 hours sound sleep. 

In 2nd part, i.e, Study Regularly (on Daily Basis)

If you make habit of studying daily you will achieve something that you won’t believe.

·         Make a Selective study, i.e, you don’t need to study full syllabus to pass the exam right.?. So At least 2 or 3 modules perfect study and remaining ones partial study is enough. So make a selective study of your modules.

(Please ensure before you choose your modules as some modules will give more score than others. So think on it.)

·        Read at least one chapter (including Exercise in the chapter ) per subject daily (i.e 3 chapters in all 3 papers either in JAIIB or CAIIB whichever you are preparing) Why because you won’t get bored by reading all subjects.

·        You will get some confidence after 15 or 20 days as you are going to complete 3/4th syllabus in each Subject simultaneously.

Note: You can use your travel/journey time to use as study time if you are travelling to your workplace on regular basis.

In 3rd part, i.e, Treat Yourself with Something New

Make some short term goals and long term goals. If you achieve any one of your goals treat or gift yourself with something.

·        If you complete/pass/crack one subject in exam then gift yourself with  something like New shirt or Trousers or Shoes…etc

·        If you complete Full JAIIB/CAIIB, gift yourself with something like  Mobile phone(s) , Computer or something valuable that you feel….etc

Note : Don’t buy any new things for you till you achieve something. So that you will have some determination to achieve your goals.

Do you know why we suggest this method ……???

At least for your desired need/want you will work harder than when you don’t want anything.

Hope you could enjoy this article....!

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3rd Paper of JAIIB is Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking (18th November 2018)

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3rd Paper of JAIIB is Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking (18th November 2018)

JAIIB Exam Details in short (common to all 3 papers)

Duration              :                   2 Hours
Marks                  :                   100 Marks
No.Of Questions :                  120 (there will be 0.5 marks, 1 mark, 2 marks questions)

As we said in our earlier post Introduction to JAIIB by IIBF This Paper is tough (even than Accounting and Finance for Bankers paper) as it is full theoretical Paper. 

LEGAL & REGULATORY ASPECTS OF BANKING: [This Subject has 67 Chapters in total]

Let us discuss about this paper in overview.
This paper has 4 Modules (Module A, Module B, Module C, Module D) as usually.

Module - A (15-20 marks)*

Regulations and Compliance (This Module has 5 Topics)

 In this Module you will Learn
Constitution of Banks,
What are Banks,
Types of Banks,
Regulator of Banks,
What is Banking Ombudsman,
interests, Payment systems.........etc.

Give First  Preference to this Module (if you want to start with theory).

Module - B
 (25-30 marks)*
Legal Aspects of Banking Operations  (This Module has 13 Topics)

This Module will Discuss about Responsibilities of Banks while doing its duties.
and some more important topics those will come in CAIIB exam.

Some important and easy topics in this Module are,
Responsibilities of Paying/Collecting Banks,
Bank Guarantees,
Letter of Credits(LoC, Very Very Very important Topic in whole JAIIB & CAIIB),
Types of Credit Facilities,
Secured and Unsecured Loans,
Deferred Payment Guarantee..........etc.

Module - C (30-35 marks)*
Banking Related Laws (This Module has 21 Topics)

  This Module is Heart of the Paper. Because all the laws are discussed in this Module.

  Don't think that reading years of Acts is sufficient. In This module all topics are very important topics and easy to study.

some topics are, 

SARFAESI ACT 2002 (introduction, Definition),
Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006,
DRT Act,
Bankers books evidence Act 1891,
Legal Services Authorities Act,
Consumer Protection Act,
Tax Laws.................etc.

Module - D (30-35 marks)*
Commercial Laws with Reference to Banking Operations (This module has 28 Topics)

 If you see this Module for the First time you will get emotional tears as it is the most heaviest of all Modules (but we know a proverb All that glitters is not gold, its easiest among all the Modules). Because these chapters are simple and easy to learn topics (you can say this module as one liner stories). 

    These Module has all the related laws that we know in topics of Paper 2 (Accounting and Finance for Bankers).

Some topics are in this Module,

 Contracts of Indemnity,
 Contracts of Guarantee,
 Contract of Bailment,
 Contract of Pledge,
 Contract of Agency,
 Partnership Basics,
 Types of Companies..............etc.
How to Study:-

  We will guide you in preparing for JAIIB and make you to simply crack the JAIIB in one attempt.
Now here we are giving Priority wise study points to easily complete this paper.

Priority 1:  
Module D
Priority 2:  Module C
Priority 3:  Module B
Priority 4:  Module A

          Here  we have given Priority 1 as  Module D why because if you study and complete this module as we said earlier all topics are like one liners (easy) part. you will get confidence over the subject and paper if you complete this Module as early as possible.

 Next Priority 2 as Module C (heart of the paper) why because this module has most Important Laws as explained in Module C but will takes time to study keep active till complete this module.

 Next Priority 3 as Module B because it has easy topics of this paper.

 Last But not least Priority 4 as Module A. As we said earlier if you are very interested in theory you can start this paper with this Module as it has basics of banking industry related topics.

* Marks may vary according to Examiners mood.

And Guidance will Continuessssss....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep visiting for more updates..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!