Why I Love Google as an Employee....!!!!

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Dear Friends,

Here is a list of advantages for the people who use Google.

Do you know 7 people out of 10 are using the internet just because of Google Benefits...!
it's true whether you trust or not.

Here is why I ❤️Google....!!!!
(Mostly all people around the world)

#1 Single Google Account is enough to access all of Google Apps/Sites/Services (Like Google Search, Gmail, Youtube, Drive, Photos, Playstore, Maps, Adwords, Adsense....etc These are just some of Google whole Services)

#2 You can save your files, documents, emails, photos up to 15GB for free (After that Google charges according to their plans offered)

#3 I love Google maps amongst all of the internet. Do you know? if there is no Google maps there are no businesses like Uber, Ola, Swiggy, Zomato...etc. (which helps in realtime tracking and route mapping)

#4 with Google Drive you can save your large files in Cloud form (which means you can retrieve the file from anywhere in the world or wherever you are)

#5 You can send your emails in real-time. Do you know? Before Gmail comes into existence there are no such mail service providers to send our emails in realtime/faster than Gmail.

#6 Google Chrome (The Best Web Browser I know till now) why because of its lightweight (low size and speed performance).

#7 YouTube (The Sensation) is a Google product entertaining the world.

#8 Android is a Google-owned Operating System for mobiles (However Android is an Opensource to the public)

#9 Google Lens (have you heard about this product before). It helps in many ways, one of the feature is you can see Chinese name board in your local language just in front of your eyes by wearing Google Lens)

#10  Do you know you can earn money using Google Adsense with your knowledge.

#11 Google Pay is now a trending app in India in the Digital payments section.

Do you know Google Age is just 21 Years 2months 10 days As on Children's Day 2019
(Google Born on 04 Sept 1998)

# 21-year young guy named Google is ruling the world with his services. 

Thanks and keep visiting for more updates...!!!!!!!!!


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