Why People Hate SBI (Public Sector Banks)....!!!!???? Reason #3

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Why People Hate SBI (Public Sector Banks)....!!!!???? Reason #3
Why People Hate SBI (Public Sector Banks)....!!!!???? Reason #3

Dear Friends,

Today we are posting Reason #3 for the question

"Why People Hate SBI (Public Sector Banks)....!!!!????"

Reason #3

People think that getting a loan from SBI(PSBs) is difficult when compared to Private banks, Do you think is it correct?

Here is the answer,

Look at an example: you have a 1 lakh liquid cash with you right now, you want to earn interest as if it stays with you there is no gain with that 1Lakh. So two persons came to you to borrow some money from you. Both are your friends. one is earning 1 lakh per month as salary from his working company. another one is earning 5 thousand per month as salary from where he is working. Now you have to give that money to only one of them. What would you do?

You will give that money to the person who is worthy and capable to repay whenever you need... Right...?

So you will give to the 1st person as his income level is higher and creditworthy.

in the same way, SBI(PSBs) thinks like that.

SBI(PSBs) deals with Public money. So it takes most care about the same. You are giving preference to the creditworthy people when you give money even to your friends right.?. In the same way, SBI(PSBs) thinks like that way as it is not dealing with its money, it's dealing with public money. So, it takes utmost care for the money it's holding.

So in bank's perception, Creditworthy people mean, Income taxpayers (ITRs), CIBIL Score...etc will take as a measurement to person creditworthiness.

SBI(PSBs) is the only bank to consider a farmer as a customer to its business.
Private banks consider the corporates/Salaried people as their customers. 

SBI(PSBs) gives its helping hand in the national growth But Private banks give importance to growth for themselves. 

So think about it...

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